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Little Legacy’s timeless style is derived from traditional film and darkroom techniques to produce classic archival photographs of babies and young children, including composite layouts featuring multiple images on one print.


Our heirloom-quality portraits are a sophisticated personality study with images that capture and reflect the true spirit and energy of a child, providing a glimpse into who they will one day become.


Tami Goodrich's professional career spans two decades in the fashion industry, creating photography campaigns and working for many prestigious clients. She's worked with top models and photographers around the world, and her work has been featured in national and international advertising and catalogs.


When Tami became a mother, naturally she used her skills in photography to create timeless portraits of her own daughter. It was during this time she realized she could offer something new to the children's portrait industry. Creating portraits that hold pure, authentic, and vintage qualities from the days of film combined with contemporary touches of today’s digital world.

Tami now combines her decades of experience from the fashion world with her love for children to capture the most delicate time in your child's life, creating heirloom-quality portraits that preserve family memories for generations.

To view her commercial fashion work, please visit:

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